Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences

Research Archive 

Vol.1 No.1 June 2010

Knowledge Strategy For Financial Crime Prevention  
Petter Gottschalk
Linking Geographic Dispersion, Commitment, And Job Satisfaction: The Mediating Role Of Quality Relationship
Rocco Agrifoglio, Concetta Metallo
Evaluation of ICT Penetration in Selected Insurance Companies: The Lagos Experience
Apampa, Olatunji Razaq
Introducing A Graduate Research Problem To A Junior Level Class: A Successful Experience
Ghassan Alkadi, Theresa Beaubouef
Effect of Unconstrained Walking Plane with Virtual Environment on Spatial Learning: An Exploratory Study
Kanubhai K. Patel, Sanjay Kumar Vij
Reliable Job Scheduler Using RFOH in Grid Computing     
Leyli Mohammad Khanli, Maryam Etminan Far, Ali Ghaffari
Vol 1 No 2 October 2010
Relevance of Information Literacy in Digital Environment   
R. N. Mishra , C.Mishra
Knowledge based Diagnosis of Abdomen Pain using Fuzzy Prolog Rules
Priti Srinivas Sajja, Dipti M Shah
Age Estimation based on Neural Networks using Face Features
Nabil Hewahi, Aya Olwan, Nebal Tubeel, Salha EL-Asar, Zeinab Abu-Sultan
Impact of Gender and Nationality on Acceptance of a Digital Library: An Empirical Validation of Nationality Based UTAUT Using SEM
Rita Oluchi ORJI
Encouraging the Inclusion of Evolutionary Psychology into Information Systems’ Theoretical Repertoire as an Emerging Trend
Chon Abraham
Fruit Recognition using Color and Texture Features
S.Arivazhagan, R.Newlin Shebiah, S.Selva Nidhyanandhan, L.Ganesan
Solving Fuzzy Based Job Shop Scheduling Problems using Ga and Aco
Surekha P, S.Sumathi
A Systems Approach for Dealing with Resistance to Change: With Reference to Library and Information Professionals Working in Academic and Research Sector Libraries in India
Kshema Prakash
The Rule Based Intrusion Detection and Prevention Model for Biometric System
Maithili Arjunwadkar, R.V. Kulkarni
Using Multimodal Fusion in Accessing Web Services
Atef Zaguia, Manolo Dulva Hina, Chakib Tadj, Amar Ramdane-Cherif

Vol.2 No.1 Jan 2011

Systems Analysis and Design for Service Oriented Architecture Projects: A Case Study at the Federal Financial Institutions Examinations Council (FFIEC)ABSTRACT PDF
Chon Abraham, Iris Junglas, Mike Willis
Fourth-order Fuzzy Time Series Based on Multi-Period Adaptation Models for Kuala Lumpur Composite Index ForecastingABSTRACT PDF
Lazim Abdullah, Toh Lian Fan
Software Cost Estimation Methods: A ReviewABSTRACT PDF
Vahid Khatibi, Dayang N. A. Jawawi
Learner Satisfaction for a Hybrid Course in ProbabilityABSTRACT PDF
Amir T. Payandeh Najafabadi, Maryam Omidi Najafabadi
An Overview of Transform Domain Robust Digital Image Watermarking AlgorithmsABSTRACT PDF
Baisa L. Gunjal, R.R. Manthalkar
Identification of Critical Factors in Checkpointing Based Multiple Fault Tolerance for Distributed SystemABSTRACT PDF
Sanjay Bansal, Sanjeev Sharma
The Beaconless Node Velocity-based Stable Path Routing Protocol for Unicasting and Multicasting in Mobile Ad hoc NetworksABSTRACT PDF
Natarajan Meghanathan, DeMarcus Thomas, Ebony S. Addison
Smart Grid and its Development Prospects In the Asia-Pacific RegionABSTRACT PDF
Gurlin Singh Lamba

Vol.2 No.2 Feb 2011

Face Component Extraction Using Segmentation Method on Face Recognition SystemABSTRACT PDF
Dewi Agushinta R, Adang Suhendra, Sarifuddin Madenda, Suryadi H.S
The Effectiveness of Learning Management System (LMS) Case Study at Open University Malaysia (OUM), Kota Bharu CampusABSTRACT PDF
Khadijah Abdul Rahman, Siti Aswani Mohd Ghazali, Dr Mohd Nasir Ismail
Microstrip Circular Patch Array Antenna for Wlan Applications on Liquid Crystal Polymer SubstrateABSTRACT PDF
B.T.P.Madhav, VGKM Pisipati, Habibulla Khan, VGNS Prasad, P.V.Datta Prasad, P.Sreekanth
A Survey in Project Commitment in the Context of Information SecurityABSTRACT PDF
Ioannis Koskosas, Nikolaos Sariannidis, Nikolaos Asimopoulos
A Review on Information Assimilation ToolsABSTRACT PDF
Siew Hock Ow, Omid Aghili, Theen Gee Yee
Multi-Objective Optimization Using Multi Parent Crossover OperatorsABSTRACT PDF
Rahila Patel, M.M.Raghuwansh
Data Count Driven Concurrency Control Scheme with Performance Gain in Mobile EnvironmentsABSTRACT PDF
Mohammed Khaja Nizamuddin, Dr. Syed Abdul Sattar

Vol.2 Special Issue 2011

obile Number Portability: Challenges and solutionsABSTRACT PDF
Atiya Faiz Khan
Check pointing Process VMA for ProcessABSTRACT PDF
Narayan A. Joshi, D. B. Choksi
Performance Analysis and Efficient Transmission over Multiple Wireless Channels Using V-Blast ArchitectureABSTRACT PDF
S. Jayalakshmy, R. Malar, M. Margarat
A Wavelet Based Multi-Resolution ControllerABSTRACT PDF
Leena G. Jeevana, Vini Malik
Web Document Clustering Using Fuzzy Equivalence RelationsABSTRACT PDF
Anjali B.Raut , G.R.Bamnote
Improving the Intra Class Distance using RBSQI Technique for Facial Images with Illumination VariationsABSTRACT PDF
K. R. Singh, M. A. Zaveri, M.M.Raghuwanshi
Review on Various Clustering Methods for the Image DataABSTRACT PDF
Madhuri A. Tayal,M.M.Raghuwanshi
Performance Evaluation of Rician Noise Reduction Algorithm in Magnetic Resonance ImagesABSTRACT PDF
Milindkumar V. Sarode, Dr.Prashant R. Deshmukh

Vol.2 No.3 March 2011

An Empirically Base Path Loss Model for GSM Fixed Wireless AccessABSTRACT PDF
Shalangwa, D. A. and Singh, K. S.
A Multiple Fault Tolerant Approach with Improved Performance in Cluster ComputingABSTRACT PDF
Sanjay Bansal, Sanjeev Sharma , Rajiv Gandhi Prodhyogiki Vishwavidya
Substrate Permittivity Effects on the Performance of the Microstrip Elliptical Patch AntennaABSTRACT PDF
B.T.P.Madhav, Prof.VGKM Pisipati, Dr.K.Sarat Kumar, P.Rakesh Kumar, K.Praveen Kumar, N.V.K.Ramesh, M.Ravi Kumar
Finding Web Log Groups with Geometric Data AnalysisABSTRACT PDF
Nikos Koutsoupias
An improved Combinatorial Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm to Database Vertical PartitionABSTRACT PDF
Bilal Benmessahel, Mohamed Touahria
Trust Based Authorization Framework for Grid ServicesABSTRACT PDF
Sarbjeet Singh
Multilevel Index Algorithm in Search EngineABSTRACT PDF
Laxmi Ahuja, Dr Ela Kumar
Design and Implementation of Non Real Time and Real Time Digital Filters for Audio Signal ProcessingABSTRACT PDF
Pranab Kumar Dhar, Mohammand Ibrahim Khan